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Week 3 in the House!


This week, the House passed HB 86 Social Security Tax Amendments which provides tax relief for many living on a fixed income.

The House Revenue and Taxation Committee also passed HB 161 Military Retirement Tax Amendments, sponsored by Rep. Candice Pierucci. This bill creates a nonrefundable income tax credit for military retirement pay.

Regulatory Sandbox

HB 217 Regulatory Sandbox Amendments, sponsored by Rep. Cory Maloy, passed the House this week. Creating a regulatory sandbox will allow new industries to flourish without stifling innovation. The regulatory review and sandbox will ensure necessary protections for consumers, communities, and the environment, while also helping new industries by reducing regulatory burden. Listen to this week’s podcast to learn more!

COVID-19 Vaccines

Vaccines are now available for: healthcare workers, long-term care facility staff and residents, first responders, Utahns 70 and older, and K-12 teachers and school staff. Contact your local health department or school district to schedule your vaccination. All local health departments are experiencing a high volume of calls and website traffic as demand for the COVID-19 vaccine is high. Please understand that they can only distribute as many vaccines as they receive each week, and appointments fill up quickly. Everyone who wants the vaccine will get it over time.

Independent Redistricting Committee

Appointments to the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission were named this week. The appointments are:

Governor Spencer Cox appointment: Chairman Rex Facer

President Stuart Adams appointment: Lyle Hillyard

Speaker Brad Wilson: Rob Bishop

President Adams and Speaker Brad Wilson joint appointment: N. Jeffrey Baker

Senate Minority Leader Karen Mayne appointment: Christine Durham

House Minority Leader Brian King appointment: Pat Jones

Senate and House Minority joint appointment: William Thorne

Outdoor Winter Recreation

Utah’s changing seasons provide many opportunities to experience the beauty of Utah in different ways. Check out for articles and guides highlighting the best locations to ski, snowboard, snowmobile, snowshoe, and stargaze throughout the state, as well as where to find equipment and other resources.

PPP State Tax Treatment

Many have had questions on PPP Loans and how they will be taxed at the state level. The policy we have in place protects Utah businesses from paying state tax on the Paycheck Protection Program funds they received. We are committed to business-friendly policies but not limiting those policies to the companies deemed worthy of support by the federal government. Many Utah businesses did not receive a PPP loan and we have opted not to further disadvantage them by allowing their competition to double-dip. To be clear, the only companies that will owe Utah income tax are those that made a profit last year without regard to any PPP loan forgiveness they may have received or expenses they paid with PPP loan revenue. Businesses that lost money last year will not owe state income tax and businesses that just broke even last year will not owe state income tax, just like any other year.

Remembering Nathan Lyday

The Utah Legislature paid tribute and honored the exemplary life of Officer Nathan Lyday from the Ogden City Police Department. On May 28, 2020, Officer Nathan Lyday made the ultimate sacrifice by laying down his life for the protection of others. That day will remain a date of significance and honor for the city of Ogden and the state of Utah. May we remember and thank our law enforcement officers for protecting our communities.


It is my pleasure to cosponsor HB 20 Driving Under the Influence Sentencing Amendments, which increases the penalties for serious offences when an individual is driving under the influence. I spoke to the rest of the House about my experience in law enforcement dealing with DUIs and I am proud to say that bill passed unanimously.


At the beginning of the week I was interviewed by ABC4 Utah regarding HB 62 Post Certification Amendments, a bill we struck down in the Law Enforcement Standing committee. I was also interviewed last Thursday by Chad Booth on “The County Seat” about HB 150 Public Safety Post-Retirement Reemployment Amendments, my bill that allows public safety workers and firefighters to go back to work after 60 days of retirement in the same capacity. Law enforcement agencies and Sheriff's Offices, especially those in rural areas. Urban departments with smaller populations and budgets are also struggling to recruit and retain police officers and Sheriff's deputies.

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